Harambee Stars recently displayed a positive improvement against Mozambique. The team’s performance gave hope for a better future which can be achieved if the usual core issues that have always demoralized the players are solved once and for all.

Given that we are in a country where we experience ethnic divisions, the national football is one of the factors that can pull us together and unite us if the government can invest in it and offer financial support. Much is needed to be done by the football governing body and core issues such as allowances and salary delays dealt with appropriately. The fans on the other hand need to be patient and always rally behind the team despite the results they produce. It is in order for them to criticize the technical benches in case of disappointment but they should never involve themselves in acts of hooliganism.

This is the ample time for the government to show support by funding the football body and related organization that can help in discovering upcoming talented footballers at the grass root level. Most of the fans have always complained of the usual faces that have time and again always formed the national team. With our devolve system of government, there is need for the FKF to organize inter-county tournaments to discover upcoming promising footballers.Politics in football need to be avoided at all cost.

The performance of the national team technical bench needs also to be questioned. If the government can intervene at this time, our national team can do much better.