“You need to adjust and be like other people in your age bracket…”

A couple of colleagues told me these words last week while on a trip that literally affected my thinking and eventually changed my perception about people and words. For a long time I had become a victim of negative words   and I was battling from being ensnared in its trap.

Throughout my thinking I came to find out that people who define us with negative words are not the opposite of these words either. They have the experience of living a negative life and are able to spot when you are exhibiting similar characteristics. The problem comes in when we play to the tunes of their negative words.

We live in an age where our well being in the society is defined by experience and other people perception of us. “He said”, “she said” and “they said” are common words that we use to define ourselves. Later we apply ignorance to the powerful inner voice that is the true definition of who we are.

Every day we have a choice of listening to the voices  we want to hear because these words eventually play repetitively in our mind .Never allow negative people with negative words to tear you down. You see, words are like seeds. We are planting seeds when we talk. When we talk about negative words, we are planting a negative life. The more we talk about these negative words the more we are watering its seeds hence the need to avoid the talk of negative talk and walk the talk of who we truly believe we are.

The end result of dominating our mind with negative talk is complaining. The ironic and funny thing is that we find ourselves complaining about something that we are not but rather about False Expectation Appearing Real {FEAR} as a result of the negative talk. Remember we become what we think about hence the need to further think what we are thinking about.

The bottom line is the definition of you lies within you. When these negative words are thrown unto you, don’t take them in but take them as distractions and stumbling blocks from your destiny because they will put you in a battle that is not worth spending your energy. Somebody once penned down an interesting statistics that 25% of people you meet, won’t like you and never will. 25% of people won’t like you but will be persuaded to.25% will like you and will be persuaded not to.25% will like you and stand with you no matter what. This is a true expression of how we often spend a lot of energy trying to please  and seek approval of a  larger group of people who are  not of any significance to our lives.

Bill Cosby was once asked the secret of success and said he didn’t know but rather said he knew the secret of failure and that is trying to please everybody.





The Professor wanted to meet the intellects of the county and he had arranged for an appointment at his office in the outskirts of the business district. So the cream of the county gathered at the used to be the domicile of the Professor patiently waiting for him battling with hungry mosquitoes that some of the intellects suggested were sent by the incumbent. An incumbent the Professor wanted to replace in the coming polls as the chief of the county. A county highly endowed with natural resources and was once poised to be a future greater hub of the East African region incase devolution succeeded in it.

“Oleche do you also appreciate the fact that the politics of our country has changed?”

Bangu a son of an MCA and a fellow intellect asked as we delve into the conversation of little politics that we know of.

Yap ,I  see some changes. I have witnessed political branded vehicles something I didn’t see in the past.”

Bangu was not amused by my answer and really felt agitated to open the chapter of argumentative politics, a feature  his father had used to the advantage of his own political crescendo. But before he could start to hit on me with the verses of his chapter, our Professor arrived accompanied by the expected body guards. Immediately the short awaited program commenced with the abnormal comrades greetings of Nyongo tibiim and  Nyongo tialala renting all around.

A blackout ensued immediately after the Professor stood up to speak and he teased

“…money has been poured”.

And so the rest of the meeting was to proceed with one of the features that both smart phone and feature phones share in common.

He began his lecture by reminding us that the future of Kenya belonged to our generation. Being an ally of Jaramogi’s son and a core member of one of the national parties many of us expected the name Odinga to dominate his speech . That didn’t happen instead he repeatedly gave example of Kiambu to drive his point home. Kiambu, he said was a county that has made significant strides with regards to devolution notwithstanding the common challenges that counties have faced.

Enda kwa Kabogo,he has been able to use the resources both natural and human to kill the problem of unemployment among the people of the same age as you and enable import and exportation of goods to  take place .Here in our county we export nothing but we are able to import fish when we are being surrounded   by one of the largest fresh water bodies in the continent. A graduate in Kiambu in a field of agriculture and that of  a related course is able to apply his/her skills and be in a position to create self employment. Same needs to be done with our fishing industry.”Our professor pointed out.

“Since 2013 Kisumu County has got approximately forty two billion from the national government”.

He said repeatedly stressing on the part of forty two billion probably expecting us to be astonished but nah, such are figures that we only here of  when the President is initiating a project or when  Rotich is reading the budget. Not even   a high school teacher teaching the inapplicable mathematics would dare talk of forty two billion in a class.

“…do you know the worth of forty two billion?”

He continued after realizing we were not moved and he was prompted he had to give an example to make us understand the worth of forty two billion.

“Did you know the budget of Burundi is forty two billion and despite of having a population of about thirteen million it is managed relatively well?”

Kisumu, he said, has the same population as Estonia when it was founded. After a couple of years notwithstanding the shortcomings of governing an infant nation, all its technocrats  and the educated young men were able to keep Estonia on the wheel of development after bringing together their infrastructure of ideas. He wondered why the leadership of Kisumu, with all this sum of money was not even able to keep the county clean.

“When you are from Ahero getting to the CBD, you will see got Ranguma on the rise.”

He said referring to the famous Kachok dumpsite that has been reputed to be a threat to the many lives of residents residing  nearby.

“Even though the leaders of the neighboring counties are equally corrupt, there has been some reasonable development especially the roads that the constituents can see”

The professor stressed that when they spent long hours with other leaders in the advocating for a new  constitution and championing for devolution, they had the future in their mind  of people being the decision makers in their counties. They had the hope of killing inequality and a dream that the people will be able to own most of the resources in their respective counties and be able to create self employment.

“That is why we wanted the educated people to be the leaders of our counties. That is why some of us at the senate were pushing for the MCA’s to have some element of   education in them…”

What if  our governors got the wrong education.?

The professor concluded by telling the comrades that he had nothing to lose in the forthcoming polls and that it was upon us and   jo Kisumo to make the decision on whether they wanted a peoples governor or a governor for the people.







KKA couple of years ago Bangu  a Maseno University student impregnated Leila, a daughter of a prominent politician of much influence and who holds an office of a high echelon in one of the briefcase political parties in the land. Notwithstanding the fact that controversies has often propelled the politician to political stardom through media circus, her daughter being compromised and impregnated by a son of an hoi polloi and who comes from an ethnic community contrary to his was never reputed probably because it wouldn’t  add any positivity to his political crescendo.

The bone of contention was that Bangu belong to an ethnic community that is known to dominate a certain lake while Leila, the victim of fornication, came from a tribe that mainly resides from a certain mountain. The honorable politician was angered by this development which resulted to Bangu’s apprehension and being remanded for days by the society chosen arbitrator for ‘sexual harassment’ only to be set free a couple of weeks  later.

Despite the fact that what her daughter had remains to be taboo in their tradition, Bangu and Leila  today are a married couple and our mwanasiasa  who after forgiving the two is today a happy grandfather He has been able to interact with his in-laws and his perception on intermarriage among various communities has changed. He realized that the stereotypical beliefs he had in since entering in to the political activities was nothing less of an absolute opposite of the realities. He understood that there was thin line if not any between the various communities that always seem to be at logger heads with each as a result of having different ideologies whenever polls approach.

He came to a conclusion  the major political protagonists in the country are the enemies of peace due to their failure as the ones who hold the key infrastructure of ideas to   create a conducive environment for nation building process never again to rekindle the horrifying lingering and unfortunate memories of the 2007 post election violence.

Being a columnist in one of the major newspapers, the politician in a long article recently penned of how cohesion among various communities and intermarriage is a course that Kenyans need to embrace in a bid to do away with the menace of ethnic chauvinism that has made peace to be fragile and rob the country its pride. He went further to write about the cohesion process that had taken process in Rwanda after the genocide of 1994 and how it replicates to Kenyans at the moment.



It is a cold Saturday morning and we are having our normal gumzo with my friend Bangu on the balcony about the return of #Pogback at the great Old Trafford. Suddenly ka light skin lady emerges from the landlord’s house.

’Hi…’she greets us.

”Poa…”we both reply after a few seconds in unison as we vunja shingo and kula kwa macho in her direction appreciating the Fisical nature of the full-fledged package.Her behind was confident according to Bangu.

Its a few days into the month and the lady has come to devour her usual end month share. Now from there the subject of our conversation changes from Pogba and the end-month relationship of the landlord with this lady becomes the focal point of our discussion.

“Oleche aki huyu dem ni member.Hii kizangi ni fisilet.” Bangu tells me in a low tone.

Of late Bangu has been bragging of having the necessary knowledge needed in understanding the character traits exhibited by the mafisilets species,chambilecho chapter 4 clause 22 of Dafisi code statute….knowledge is key.

He tells me that the Team mafisilets are taking over and they are trouncing Team Mafisi in the ufisi corporate world and soon fisi will be an endangered species and may be extinct.Bangu, our Fisiologist , a title he brags of having been accredited by the Mafisi Sacco, explains to me that unlike a number of Fisi’s who often settle for anything edible whether fresh or raw ,Fisilets have become skillful predators and they only go for the fresh comprehensive prey-SPONSOR.

Bangu tells me that since this lady spotted our landlord in her hunting business, she has been devouring all his cash and she is the reason as to why the landlord has been increasing the rents after every few months, giving petty reasons for doing so in addition to the arrogance he displays when he came to collect the debts.

Team Mafisi have for a long time dominated the industry but Bangu believes there has been a gradual change and with time Mafisilets have become opportunistic feeders who are keen to select a prey with not only all the elements it may need but also the only thing- noti and ignore fresh carrion and bones if there is(wale wamesota) .

Sometimes back, he tells me, he was sitting close to a few fisilets in a local pub and he was eavesdropping on their conversation studying them keenly .

“When they are together in their clans which is always made up of six to five fisilets, they make a variety of vocalization and howling screams and laughter same to that of a real hyena” says our Fisiotherapist.

He tells me that in these clans there is always one female, blessed with essentials, that normally acts as a matriarch. Unlike the Fisi species that do not exhibit same character traits, in this groups they bluster over each other for dominance displaying aggressiveness signs to keep their sponsors relevant in the conversation. These species are always willing to leave their homes to cover kilometers from a cities to cities solitarily for their prey expect the lactating ones that commute within their areas.

In short Mafisilets contrary to Mafisi are always hard workers and because they are aware someone else might be working harder.So they often put extra effort in marking their territories.Fisi’s on the other hand don’t care,they believe in the mantra tenda wema nenda zako.

But I believe bangu cannot convince a real Fisi that Fisilets tactics are a notch higher than theirs.He does not include enough detail to convince a fisi that his hypothesis is sound and important, he is not logical and feasible and seems to have not done a proper analysis on real Mafisi .


Aki si hii nyumba yako ni ndogo alafu ni simple vizuri.’Says Awino  as she sits on the bed. The beds makes some unique sounds maybe complaining about the large size of her behind-the type of behind that Biko once said would turn a whole church into a choir. I feel some displeasure in her words because she thought this dude must be staying in a big house due to his…

She asks why I had put her sandals inside and left mine outside and I tell her I’m just trying to be a gentleman but that was intended to prevent the muchene by those women, I guess you know them. Those that will always talk about   seeing you with a woman but will never see the thief that once got away with new khaki Collo had bought.

Being an aluminum apartment, I intend to run through the lengthy agenda of our meeting lest the joto of  Kisumu spoil the moment. Now the best thing about bedsitters is that you can do all the chores while sitting at one position and at the same time  pretend to be listening to the talkative Awino and her boring tales  that you only need to come in when  responses such as ‘eh’ ‘donge‘ ‘nyasadi‘ and ‘ooh’ are needed.

A KOT once said that  the heat from a stove could turn a bedsitter into a sauna, I concur. The condition was unfavorable for her that she kept on fanning her self with the King James Bible.

Aki hii joto…”she repeatedly complained. At that moment I asked my self when I turn off the stove how will she react to the smoke?.Shauri yake.

Chwarni makae tindo tindo”(The bed bugs here are very small)she said with a low tone.I was not astonished because I understood where my guest came from, therefore there was no need of pre-cleaning the house like applying the insecticides.

When I am not around or maybe sleeping,some kids with their mischievousness often come to  susu on  the walls of my apartment and you know how the nyumba za mabati with its many tiny holes.

Chrrrrrrrrr!  was the sound that came from the back from where I was sitting. The good thing was that Awino didn’t get it as all along her concentration was on hali  halisi by daktari Jalas on Radio Maisha.I  coughed twice  to stop the velocity of the urine  that had made a thin lie across the floor. The kid had ran away.

We enjoyed our tea while listening to the radio but from where I was sitting Awino enjoyed it most. I was sitting right in front of her in ka chair that was preferred to short term visitors-akina Bangu who would often come and only the thing they could tell you is nilikuja tu kukugotea kiasi. When you sat on these sit, It made you look like you were sitting in a congested tuktuk and the funny thing was that you may fall in the next seconds.

All of a sudden as I was about to move to the next agenda, the landlord knocked.

“Today is Monday” that was his reply after greeting him. I convince him that he will get the rent by evening which will be as a result of selling the 6kg Hashi gas which has not been refilled since its first use.

Omera when I come by evening and you fail to give me the cash….okbichaloni’’he said. Oya! My fellow tribesmen how do you translate   okbichaloni from Dholuo  to English-it will not look for you?