G-CLAN 254 Is a musical group of three from Kisumu city, those are; M B G, Ashilex and Daudi Mtetezi. M B G and Ashilex are rappers while Daudi Mtetezi a vocalist in the group. The group, formed back in the year 2014, has been in the industry for two years now. G-CLAN 254 are more into Chipuka genre a fusion of Genge, Hiphop and Kapuka .The name G-CLAN was derived from the word Gezo which means ‘to think’ (Gezo Clan).

They have managed to do a total of 8 tracks as a group plus various collaborations featuring Nailcutter from UGANDA. They say that their second single Itakuaje was the one that put them on the map in music industry, having received massive airplay on local radio stations and a lot of support from their fans. This motivated them to produce the hit song Nipe.

The track did so well and earned a nomination in the Kisumu Teeniz Choice Award (KTCA) late last year (2015). This year they have already done two track ‘We ndo wangu remix ‘ft Meck Blade, Gnanem and Phili Mpole by producer Sedupi. Another remarkable track done by the crew this year is Party kuruka featured by Dj Skipp from Uganda

Their earlier tracks include Tuko juu,Itakuaje,We ndo wangu,Nimechoka,Maisha ghali and Niwe nawe. ‘Kisumu music industry has grown into a lucrative mine but we artists have to invest in our audio and video productions to enjoy the benefits. ‘Says M.B.G.’G-clan ndio kundi balaa Kisumu zingine ni kambi haramu’ he added.‘We need more airplay from our local stations and Djs to make Kisumu compete relatively with other cities like Nairobi and Mombasa which have supported their own talents. Promoters and event organizers should up their game and pay artists instead of conning or using them.’Ashilex thinks.

Working without a management has been the biggest challenge for the group; forcing them to fund all their projects this has not been easy, it also makes it difficult for them to organize events and shows where they can perform to showcase their talents and get some payments.
Watch out for this new jam from G-clan 254 dabbed ’Vitu unadu’ which speaks about our lives as youths and the daily happenings in the society. You can search and download G-clan 254 music from mdundo http://mdundo/a/7909
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