“Do we still as Kenyans have our national pride, the unifying factors and our dignity intact?” Dennis Macaria once penned down this critical question that true Kenyan citizens need to ask themselves. Let’s be honest our pride has indeed vanquished.  Today the thinking of a larger population of Kenyans has shifted from the idealism angle of perceiving various ills that negatively continue to affect the country to the realism view of it. From poor governance, voter bribery to corruption, these ills are today summarized by the common three words “This Is Kenya” and that we cannot expect anything better than the ills that we are used to.

Kenya is a country that started with equal indicators to that of South Korea. After fifteen years the South Korean economy had escalated and grew forty times than that of Kenya. Today qualified employment seekers seeking for positions as low as of that of an intern in various private and  government institutions summarize their  ordeal of failing to secure jobs as “This is Kenya” .It is either you have some contacts from these organizations or you are known.

The reputed bribery of the officials of the society chosen arbitrator has today made the judiciary to grapple with its reputation by trying hard to maintain its independence and restoring the expected aura and ambience of trust with the public. This has been evident with the way they have dealt with cases concerning the big fish compared to the other cases involving ordinary Kenyans. But this is Kenya…

In his first visit to the country while a senator, Barrack Obama once termed corruption in the country as a crisis. A crisis that today that is continuing to visit and is almost felt in every homestead, from the escalating hike of prices of basic commodities to insecurity.

The only hope that we are remaining with as a country is hope for the unity of our technocrats, cohesive and visionary leadership to permanently replace the blind political entertainment where the top is used to blackmailing the bottom and the bottom is often blaming the top. The hope of “house cleaning and for the citizens to remain optimistic of reconciliation of the ethnically polarized leadership and permanent solution to political squabbles”.

This is Kenya but it is not the Kenya we want neither is it the one that its core founders after the long struggle for its independence hoped for. We need to shift from the dependent style of politics where the agenda and the change that we need is defined by a few greedy individuals to being independent and coming up with ideas of how we need to be governed. The tragic farce of people fighting in order to get their candidates elected and then waiting for another five years of poverty and adversity to fight with each other again need to come to an end.

This is Kenya and we need to make it a better Kenya not just by occasional trip to the ballot but by active involvement in decisions that shape up the agenda and economy of the country.


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