“You need to adjust and be like other people in your age bracket…”

A couple of colleagues told me these words last week while on a trip that literally affected my thinking and eventually changed my perception about people and words. For a long time I had become a victim of negative words   and I was battling from being ensnared in its trap.

Throughout my thinking I came to find out that people who define us with negative words are not the opposite of these words either. They have the experience of living a negative life and are able to spot when you are exhibiting similar characteristics. The problem comes in when we play to the tunes of their negative words.

We live in an age where our well being in the society is defined by experience and other people perception of us. “He said”, “she said” and “they said” are common words that we use to define ourselves. Later we apply ignorance to the powerful inner voice that is the true definition of who we are.

Every day we have a choice of listening to the voices  we want to hear because these words eventually play repetitively in our mind .Never allow negative people with negative words to tear you down. You see, words are like seeds. We are planting seeds when we talk. When we talk about negative words, we are planting a negative life. The more we talk about these negative words the more we are watering its seeds hence the need to avoid the talk of negative talk and walk the talk of who we truly believe we are.

The end result of dominating our mind with negative talk is complaining. The ironic and funny thing is that we find ourselves complaining about something that we are not but rather about False Expectation Appearing Real {FEAR} as a result of the negative talk. Remember we become what we think about hence the need to further think what we are thinking about.

The bottom line is the definition of you lies within you. When these negative words are thrown unto you, don’t take them in but take them as distractions and stumbling blocks from your destiny because they will put you in a battle that is not worth spending your energy. Somebody once penned down an interesting statistics that 25% of people you meet, won’t like you and never will. 25% of people won’t like you but will be persuaded to.25% will like you and will be persuaded not to.25% will like you and stand with you no matter what. This is a true expression of how we often spend a lot of energy trying to please  and seek approval of a  larger group of people who are  not of any significance to our lives.

Bill Cosby was once asked the secret of success and said he didn’t know but rather said he knew the secret of failure and that is trying to please everybody.



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