The Professor wanted to meet the intellects of the county and he had arranged for an appointment at his office in the outskirts of the business district. So the cream of the county gathered at the used to be the domicile of the Professor patiently waiting for him battling with hungry mosquitoes that some of the intellects suggested were sent by the incumbent. An incumbent the Professor wanted to replace in the coming polls as the chief of the county. A county highly endowed with natural resources and was once poised to be a future greater hub of the East African region incase devolution succeeded in it.

“Oleche do you also appreciate the fact that the politics of our country has changed?”

Bangu a son of an MCA and a fellow intellect asked as we delve into the conversation of little politics that we know of.

Yap ,I  see some changes. I have witnessed political branded vehicles something I didn’t see in the past.”

Bangu was not amused by my answer and really felt agitated to open the chapter of argumentative politics, a feature  his father had used to the advantage of his own political crescendo. But before he could start to hit on me with the verses of his chapter, our Professor arrived accompanied by the expected body guards. Immediately the short awaited program commenced with the abnormal comrades greetings of Nyongo tibiim and  Nyongo tialala renting all around.

A blackout ensued immediately after the Professor stood up to speak and he teased

“…money has been poured”.

And so the rest of the meeting was to proceed with one of the features that both smart phone and feature phones share in common.

He began his lecture by reminding us that the future of Kenya belonged to our generation. Being an ally of Jaramogi’s son and a core member of one of the national parties many of us expected the name Odinga to dominate his speech . That didn’t happen instead he repeatedly gave example of Kiambu to drive his point home. Kiambu, he said was a county that has made significant strides with regards to devolution notwithstanding the common challenges that counties have faced.

Enda kwa Kabogo,he has been able to use the resources both natural and human to kill the problem of unemployment among the people of the same age as you and enable import and exportation of goods to  take place .Here in our county we export nothing but we are able to import fish when we are being surrounded   by one of the largest fresh water bodies in the continent. A graduate in Kiambu in a field of agriculture and that of  a related course is able to apply his/her skills and be in a position to create self employment. Same needs to be done with our fishing industry.”Our professor pointed out.

“Since 2013 Kisumu County has got approximately forty two billion from the national government”.

He said repeatedly stressing on the part of forty two billion probably expecting us to be astonished but nah, such are figures that we only here of  when the President is initiating a project or when  Rotich is reading the budget. Not even   a high school teacher teaching the inapplicable mathematics would dare talk of forty two billion in a class.

“…do you know the worth of forty two billion?”

He continued after realizing we were not moved and he was prompted he had to give an example to make us understand the worth of forty two billion.

“Did you know the budget of Burundi is forty two billion and despite of having a population of about thirteen million it is managed relatively well?”

Kisumu, he said, has the same population as Estonia when it was founded. After a couple of years notwithstanding the shortcomings of governing an infant nation, all its technocrats  and the educated young men were able to keep Estonia on the wheel of development after bringing together their infrastructure of ideas. He wondered why the leadership of Kisumu, with all this sum of money was not even able to keep the county clean.

“When you are from Ahero getting to the CBD, you will see got Ranguma on the rise.”

He said referring to the famous Kachok dumpsite that has been reputed to be a threat to the many lives of residents residing  nearby.

“Even though the leaders of the neighboring counties are equally corrupt, there has been some reasonable development especially the roads that the constituents can see”

The professor stressed that when they spent long hours with other leaders in the advocating for a new  constitution and championing for devolution, they had the future in their mind  of people being the decision makers in their counties. They had the hope of killing inequality and a dream that the people will be able to own most of the resources in their respective counties and be able to create self employment.

“That is why we wanted the educated people to be the leaders of our counties. That is why some of us at the senate were pushing for the MCA’s to have some element of   education in them…”

What if  our governors got the wrong education.?

The professor concluded by telling the comrades that he had nothing to lose in the forthcoming polls and that it was upon us and   jo Kisumo to make the decision on whether they wanted a peoples governor or a governor for the people.







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