KKA couple of years ago Bangu  a Maseno University student impregnated Leila, a daughter of a prominent politician of much influence and who holds an office of a high echelon in one of the briefcase political parties in the land. Notwithstanding the fact that controversies has often propelled the politician to political stardom through media circus, her daughter being compromised and impregnated by a son of an hoi polloi and who comes from an ethnic community contrary to his was never reputed probably because it wouldn’t  add any positivity to his political crescendo.

The bone of contention was that Bangu belong to an ethnic community that is known to dominate a certain lake while Leila, the victim of fornication, came from a tribe that mainly resides from a certain mountain. The honorable politician was angered by this development which resulted to Bangu’s apprehension and being remanded for days by the society chosen arbitrator for ‘sexual harassment’ only to be set free a couple of weeks  later.

Despite the fact that what her daughter had remains to be taboo in their tradition, Bangu and Leila  today are a married couple and our mwanasiasa  who after forgiving the two is today a happy grandfather He has been able to interact with his in-laws and his perception on intermarriage among various communities has changed. He realized that the stereotypical beliefs he had in since entering in to the political activities was nothing less of an absolute opposite of the realities. He understood that there was thin line if not any between the various communities that always seem to be at logger heads with each as a result of having different ideologies whenever polls approach.

He came to a conclusion  the major political protagonists in the country are the enemies of peace due to their failure as the ones who hold the key infrastructure of ideas to   create a conducive environment for nation building process never again to rekindle the horrifying lingering and unfortunate memories of the 2007 post election violence.

Being a columnist in one of the major newspapers, the politician in a long article recently penned of how cohesion among various communities and intermarriage is a course that Kenyans need to embrace in a bid to do away with the menace of ethnic chauvinism that has made peace to be fragile and rob the country its pride. He went further to write about the cohesion process that had taken process in Rwanda after the genocide of 1994 and how it replicates to Kenyans at the moment.



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