nasaIf the NASA leadership had played its opposition role to the satisfaction of Kenyans   then one would have a genuine reason to trust them with the gerontocracy kind of leadership they desire to plunge into country. But because the breed of true leadership, statesmanship and patriotism is remaining to be extinct in Kenya, they did the absolute opposite of squandering the opportunity of creating unity among the ethnic polarized communities and failing to build trust with citizens that they are the alternative government that can deal with the corruption crisis. They rather throughout the Jubilee’s first term sacrificed the hope of Kenyans of a better future at the altar of their own political crescendos and putting much energy in solidifying their position of tribal kingship.

In one of his widely read books in Kenya, author Babafemi Badejo penned that ‘…the role of the opposition is not to engage in confrontational stand-offs with the government everyday of the week’. Hypocritically, the opposition became opportunists of the human problem of corruption to signify their potentiality to lead Kenyans to a corruption free path giving a cold shoulder to the fact that potentiality to lead is not same as leading from the front.

The Raila led CORD team literally failed to address and play an oversight role in pulling out the thorn of corruption that  was  and is continuing to directly hurt Wanjiku in the devolve system of governance . The opposition instead opted to be meretricious and to  hover around the country subjecting themselves in an aura of non-beneficial political rhetoric. They remained ignorant of the fact that they are the key characters who are sine quo non in doing away with the aspect of the ethnic polarized national outlook that has not only  been a stumbling block in unification but has also deeply robbed off a once peaceful and stable nation in east and central Africa its pride. They much complained about the tyranny of numbers of the incumbent portraying themselves as those with the tyranny of brains, the technocrats and the well educated. But from their scorecard, the sophisticated and the intellect in the Kenyan society might have a question of… what if they got the wrong education?

Notwithstanding the fact that Jubilee leadership did the opposite of their 2013 manifesto, the opposition leadership personal egos made them fail to introspect and  learn of enormous lessons of the last  elections and gave Uhuru-Ruto led team to present themselves as leaders who can resonate well with the hoi polloi suffering Kenyan. They became like lions confined in a cage who could roar about scandals in the government but could not through proper channels make a kill to curb the menace. Turning a blind eye to the fact that peace is fragile in Kenya, they opted through ethnic chauvinism to tackle matters of national interests through violent mass demonstrations that resulted to fatality and in which most of the low class participants knew nothing about.

Today their agenda to Kenyans is in question because of the likely fragmentation in their house that we are likely to witness and, divergent views, lack of consensus in picking their flag bearer. If an opinion poll which is always an enemy to those it doesn’t favor is anything to go by, then it is true that most people are appreciating the little developments and changes that the Jubilee government has implemented.

Kenyans today desire for leaders with statesmanship qualities and they are tired with blind political entertainment that they are witnessing every day. They are tired of the tragic farce of them fighting to get their candidate elected and then wait for another five years of adversity, poverty and despair to do the same.



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