isThe tradition of the two-horse race that often pops up in times of election is here with us. It is evident that the August polls are going to be dominated by the Jubilee-NASA outfits. Flattering statements are going to fill the election atmosphere wooing voters with the common promises and political clichés that many voters are becoming repugnance about. The current blame game is that the NASA team whose leaders were heads of the previous government did nothing and placed the country on the wrong path while the Jubilee administration is driving the country on this wrong  path whose destination has been reputed by  political commentators and analysts  to be a KANU era.

In the Kenya’s style politics the two-horse race is a phrase fundamentally founded on unification of major ethnical communities gagging up on the show of might of which side has the highest number of voters. If we continue in that direction then maturity of our democracy will come to a halt. It is democratic enough to have two major forces in times of election competing but to a sophisticated Kenyan voter who understands the political traits of the trustees of these two forces, it will be better if we had a third horse.

Is it possible to have the third horse that can defy the status quo of tribal alignments and bring transformation in the country? Yes it is possible. It is possible if Kenyans will not only empower themselves politically but also engage in politics and get to understand that between the horses, when one rises to power and tribalism is engineered they are the victims. When corruption is digitized, the voter who voted for a leader because he was ‘one of us’ has no option but to suffer from its consequences.

The stumbling block comes in when leaders eyeing for the country’s top job with better agendas for transformation resurfaces only months to the polls. With that they are unable to gain the aura of trust and confidence among Kenyans. Many presidential aspirants are known for causing public stunt but I believe there are a few that have genuine ideas that can push this country to greater heights. Ideas that can make a Kenyan who resides from a certain lake to have the same reason to vote for as a Kenyan that resides from a certain mountain.

It is not possible to achieve vision 2030 if known selfish politicians continue to use Machiavellian style of politics to run this nation. Because politics in Kenya is deeply rooted in sycophancy ,ethnical based and of young democracy, it will take long for a third force to come up and sell their agenda to Kenya and ensure that they do away with this tribalism menace.

Today we have the likes of Ekuru Aukot, Abduba Dida, Nazlin Umar and others who have shown their interest but are not doing much to push for their agenda and to find their niche in national politics. The media on the other hand need not to be biased to other aspirants but to  give all of them fair coverage.


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