imagesA government that relies on the opposition for solutions to curb its woes is a government led by an incompetent leadership. Let me clearly state that it is not the work of the opposition to give a hand to the government in matters concerning governance. The fundamental mandate of the opposition is to criticize the government and from that the Jubilee leadership needs to withdraw lessons and offer solutions. The problem chips in when these criticisms are politicized as it has always been the case.

The general culture of politics in Kenya is that criticisms are perceived with minds clouded by politics. You do not expect the Jubilee administration to compromise its position and ride on a solution raised by Raila even when the matter is of grave concern and is directing implicating negatively on the lives of Kenyans. So this growing antipathy towards the opposition performance in Kenya is not in any way logical.

Let us pick an example of the thorn in Jubilee’s administration-corruption. Opposition needs to be given credit for blowing the whistle of the major scandals that has hit the economy of this country rock-bottom. Any time the opposition chief raises the concerns of the corruption in public coffers the Jubilee leadership especially the law makers have often been on the forefront to downplay the claims and categorize them as political. Barely a day ends without the likes of the National Assembly Majority Leader Mr. Duale holding a press briefing to counter the accusations. With that expect no solutions.

This criticisms which include corruption and incompetence, is an absolute replica of what is ailing the country at the moment and in these criticisms if positively approached, better solutions will always be found. The unfortunate reality is that our country’s style of politics is deeply rooted into sycophancy. People who need to be advising the President on issues that have degraded the reputation of this country have concentrated much more of advising the head of state that advise that he would like to hear.

At such time when the mood of the country is shifting towards elections, the opposition can only give its solutions that they will initiate immediately they capture power. Criticism on the other hand is the only justifiable tool they have to show the reasons as to why they need to be elected. In a state of the nation where  elections are in the corners many activities such as provision of healthcare have stalled, the opposition cannot offer a solution but politicize the matter and rip off mileage.

Jubilee has failed to get enormous lessons that misfortune presents.


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