“It is a time for not showing elation but doing introspection for a person who is being liked by many people in his circle because almost everyone likes normally someone who only poses no threat in their position in a life full of cut throat competition ‘’
Since the rain started beating the Uhuru-Ruto regime, that which was the onset of corruption, sycophants who act on the dictates of their interest and ethnicity did a ‘commendable ‘ job of slamming the opposition claiming that theft at government coffers and squandering of taxpayers cash was an inherited culture from the former regime. It was not until the President himself came out publicly and admitted corruption was taking place at his office, that the realization hit them that the elephant in the room was leading the country towards the wrong path. Instead of brainstorming to find a solution to the bone of contention, sycophant politicians in the Jubilee administration started blame storming probably making the president play meretricious act of acting as if they were looking for a solution when indeed they had turned a blind eye. This was vividly displayed by continuous episodes of scandals.
Given the current state of the nation and affairs, known sycophants who consist of both politicians and online users have gone mute. They might have realized the boundary between criticizing and hatred and that their false praises has made the top leadership lose its aura of trust and faith with the voter. Even people who voted on tribal lines have become more sophisticated to know that there is no need of the tragic act of farce of electing your fellow tribesmen then waiting in poverty for half a decade to launch the second phase of it.
After his election defeat, Ghana’s John Mahama in his concession speech said that our elders told us that a disease that will kill a man first breaks sticks in his ears. That is the replication of how sycophancy is hitting the Jubilee administration. It has reached a time where even the voices of the silent sycophant are changing their tone. At such a time of adversities which are hitting this country rock bottom, it is almost impossible ignore the opinion of the victims of strikes, corruption, impunity and hunger which continue to shape up each and every single day.


It is important to note that clueless sycophants have let some regimes in Africa down. Ghana, Nigeria and Gambia are just examples of countries the Jubilee government can borrow a leaf from.


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