There is almost no country in Africa where it’s not essential to know to which tribe that the       President come from. From this information you can trace the lines of patronage and allegiance that define a state”

They came in flamboyance with fleets of vehicles and choppers to mobilize with some coercing you to come out and register as a voter. They found you in the same state you were in five years ago. They came to you because they believe you are their staunch supporter and that you do not have other options due to the fact that they are the major players who shape up the direction of politics in this country. Because Kenya’s politics is absolutely founded on negative ethnicity, you obeyed them and went on to register as a voter or confirmed whether you are in the voting list. In addition they told you,you will be electing bad leaders (other tribal kings) if you don’t vote on the voting day and so you even made electoral transfers to ensure you are not left out on the elections day.


Five years ago you voted them in to protect your kingship but they have benefited themselves. You voted them in because they promised you a job but years later you together with your sons and daughters are still jobless. So you are incensed. So angry that you don’t see the need of voting.

Now that you have the voter’s card, you have got the strength to depolarize the status quo of Kenya’s politics. This can only materialize if your decision can surpass your tribal boundaries and don’t revert to that political mindset of voting in favor of a politician because both of you comes from a certain mountain or valley. This ethnocentric kind of thinking is what has made this government deprive you of what is yours.

They will still come to you campaigning and   lecturing you on how tribalism and corruption once made the country get to its lowest point. Use your vote wisely and tell them that you understand tribalism and corruption more than they do. Use your vote to tell them that for a long time tribalism has made you hide from the reality that you are poor..

You are tired of poverty and you are intellect enough to make decisions based on the state of the country. You are now nationalistic and you know that Kenya has a good constitution but bad leaders who have mutilated the constitution have made it look bad to suit them.

They are now ditching out your money to you to entice you to re-elect them because they understand they can’t convince you to vote for them. Eat their money but don’t swallow their enticement programs. The lame projects they are now doing around you has no good intention but a publicity stunt to protect their poor developments records. Use your vote to change your future.


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