ped There has been a  stalemate vis-à-vis  the race for the gubernatorial position  that makes it difficult for a resident of Kisumu County to remain hopeful in the face of adversity that has made many lives hit rock bottom. Political players continue to pop up behaving like heaven sent   claiming to be ready to restitute the county/city back to its hey-days. The retarded development in the county on the other hand makes one feel that the incumbency of the current regime is a couple of years old.

Despite being endowed by a wide range of resources and being poised to be one of the greatest hubs for the East African Region, the administration of the county has absolutely failed to make possible courses of action to make it realize its full potential.

Having heard some of the speeches of the aspirants gearing up for the county top job, their politics is  much more of a Machiavellian plot to take over leadership and not addressing key issues that touch on the well being of the residents. Their focus is on the show of might on who will be a flop in the race for the nomination ticket. Some of these aspirants do not even have a mere track record to convince an electorate residing from a filthy slum that they will bring better change to them.

Kisumu County in its current state does not need much more of a politician but rather an ideological and a transformative leader that can make residents benefit from the results of devolution. A leader that can create an investor friendly environment that can precipitate jobs for the unemployed especially the youths who are floating on the surface of the gambling world ready to sink. A leader who won’t wait for demonstrations over insecurity to take action but that that will acknowledge that insecurity is a major bone of contention and can only be eliminated if poverty is done away with.

Such good leaders are there but have claimed party politics to be a disadvantage to their ambitions. They need to understand that there has been intellectual development on the ability of an electorate to vote for a competent leader. Party politics will not address slow growth and development neither will it revive the dead port of Kisumu among other issues that affect the lives of the residents. So as a voter who once voted without understanding the importance devolution, its an opportunity for you in the coming election to ruminate about who is going to be your leader in the next five years.



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