When you walk along the streets of Kisumu today, one unique thing that you are likely to come across is many small groups of youths including old aged women converged together around casino gambling machines mainly known as slot machines that has taken the town by storm. These machines have by time proved to be extremely popular mainly in bars and pubs and many people including kids perceive it as an easier way of making cash.

‘’These machines can help one make a lot of money especially when the player hits the jackpot. ‘Says Hussein who manages one of the slot machines in Manyatta slums.
“Slot machines have been associated with quality networking and there you can engage with other different types of people hence streamlining socialization.”He adds.

From his perception, he only views its merits and ignores its limitations because to him this is business. In reality, the disadvantages of using these machines surpass its advantages and it is particularly affecting kids in these areas that it has taken root. The main bone of contention with these machines that is ruining many lives is its aspect of addiction. Many slum dwellers have been addicted to it and cannot do away with it because most of their world is dominated by gambling. Most of their focus is on winning without looking into how much and valuable time and cash they are wasting.

Charles Odero, a university student and a self proclaimed casino guru, suggests that in the world of gambling what matters most is responsibility.
“Playing at a Gambling Machine is not and can never be a problem, you can have fun and enjoy yourself with the games but the key thing is just you just to be responsible when disposing your money for something that you may not be able to attain back.’ He says.

But he is also of the opinion that it is ruining many young people who even after winning lots cash, more than eighty percent of it is spent on alcohol or they return it to the machines without doing something valuable with the money. They lose control of their sensibility in cash disbursement which eventually makes their lives horrible.

All in all these slot machines have most of the negative impact on masses particularly the youths. It doesn’t solely waste sense and also the mind, however it additionally make the addicts unable to regulate their emotions. They is therefore need to regulate these machines because it is utterly destroying human altogether aspects and hence destroying their lives.


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