Lessons From the late Ole Ntimama

For forty years the late William Ole Ntimama served his constituents in an appropriate manner and became an influential leader and was even regarded in many occasions as the spokesperson of the Maa community.

He was a fierce defender of the Maasai especially on the land rights. He was devoted fully to serving the community and the nation at large when he was a cabinet minister in addition to standing firm for what he believed in. He had his people interests at heart and was a true believer in the upholding the values and principles of the constitution

This is what should be emulated by our leaders of today who instead of serving their people have always looked forward to rise to power to serve their selfish interest. Our leaders need to often relate themselves with politics that impact positively on Kenyans lives. Mr. Ntimama’s legacy if adopted by our leaders can push this country to greater heights.


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