It is a cold Saturday morning and we are having our normal gumzo with my friend Bangu on the balcony about the return of #Pogback at the great Old Trafford. Suddenly ka light skin lady emerges from the landlord’s house.

’Hi…’she greets us.

”Poa…”we both reply after a few seconds in unison as we vunja shingo and kula kwa macho in her direction appreciating the Fisical nature of the full-fledged package.Her behind was confident according to Bangu.

Its a few days into the month and the lady has come to devour her usual end month share. Now from there the subject of our conversation changes from Pogba and the end-month relationship of the landlord with this lady becomes the focal point of our discussion.

“Oleche aki huyu dem ni member.Hii kizangi ni fisilet.” Bangu tells me in a low tone.

Of late Bangu has been bragging of having the necessary knowledge needed in understanding the character traits exhibited by the mafisilets species,chambilecho chapter 4 clause 22 of Dafisi code statute….knowledge is key.

He tells me that the Team mafisilets are taking over and they are trouncing Team Mafisi in the ufisi corporate world and soon fisi will be an endangered species and may be extinct.Bangu, our Fisiologist , a title he brags of having been accredited by the Mafisi Sacco, explains to me that unlike a number of Fisi’s who often settle for anything edible whether fresh or raw ,Fisilets have become skillful predators and they only go for the fresh comprehensive prey-SPONSOR.

Bangu tells me that since this lady spotted our landlord in her hunting business, she has been devouring all his cash and she is the reason as to why the landlord has been increasing the rents after every few months, giving petty reasons for doing so in addition to the arrogance he displays when he came to collect the debts.

Team Mafisi have for a long time dominated the industry but Bangu believes there has been a gradual change and with time Mafisilets have become opportunistic feeders who are keen to select a prey with not only all the elements it may need but also the only thing- noti and ignore fresh carrion and bones if there is(wale wamesota) .

Sometimes back, he tells me, he was sitting close to a few fisilets in a local pub and he was eavesdropping on their conversation studying them keenly .

“When they are together in their clans which is always made up of six to five fisilets, they make a variety of vocalization and howling screams and laughter same to that of a real hyena” says our Fisiotherapist.

He tells me that in these clans there is always one female, blessed with essentials, that normally acts as a matriarch. Unlike the Fisi species that do not exhibit same character traits, in this groups they bluster over each other for dominance displaying aggressiveness signs to keep their sponsors relevant in the conversation. These species are always willing to leave their homes to cover kilometers from a cities to cities solitarily for their prey expect the lactating ones that commute within their areas.

In short Mafisilets contrary to Mafisi are always hard workers and because they are aware someone else might be working harder.So they often put extra effort in marking their territories.Fisi’s on the other hand don’t care,they believe in the mantra tenda wema nenda zako.

But I believe bangu cannot convince a real Fisi that Fisilets tactics are a notch higher than theirs.He does not include enough detail to convince a fisi that his hypothesis is sound and important, he is not logical and feasible and seems to have not done a proper analysis on real Mafisi .



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